Radon Care

Radon Care
321 Bayside Place SW
Airdrie AB

Company Description:

RadonCare offers customized radon and air filtration solutions to central and Southern Alberta. Our science-based philosophy backs the entirety of our operations. We offer clear, evidence based and rational information. Our staff and technicians care deeply about radon awareness, developments and our clients. RadonCare uses the best available technology, products and services to our clients. Products we carry, techniques we use and the materials we source must meet our high standards.

RadonCare is proud to be contributors to the Evict Radon Scholar Confederation, the Lung Association and radon awareness community outreach initiatives.

Show Specials:

Corentium Home digital radon monitors on sale for $149.

New Products

Amaircare whole home HEPA filtration systems and the brand new Airthings View Plus radon and air quality monitor.

Certifications & Awards

Consumer Choice award winners, A+ certified with BBB, C-NRPP certified, COR certified, CARST member

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