Carzan Local Meats

Carzan Local Meats
335 SK-6
Southey SK
Booth: 1124

Company Description:

Carzan Local Meats embodies the dream of Saskatchewan natives Carter and Carmen. Carter's early vision of an abattoir and market store transformed into a successful eight-year stint in beef sales, driven by customer demand for farm-fresh produce. Simultaneously, Carmen, navigating health challenges, found healing in simple, locally sourced ingredients.

During the Covid quarantine, the duo found the time to actualize their shared dream, giving rise to Carzan Local Market. This venture evolved into Carzan Local Meats, focusing on high-quality beef, pork, and poultry. The Grass Fed Beef Jerky garnered acclaim, leading to a strategic focus and expansion across Saskatchewan, with gradual moves into Manitoba and Alberta.

Carzan Local Meats is a testament to Carter and Carmen's commitment to simplifying food choices, fostering connections with local producers, and providing customers with top-notch, natural products. This ongoing journey epitomizes their dedication to a holistic approach to well-being through quality, locally sourced offerings.

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Certified Grass Fed Beef Jerky with unique flavours

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