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365 Curb Appeal
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365 Curb Appeal is a locally owned Calgary business, specializing in extra large sized artificial topiary balls (landscaping spheres). Perfect for hard to grow areas or if you just don't have time for maintanence.

Try these topiary balls to fill your planters, in hard to grow areas, on top of rocks or mulch, a patio area or any place needing a green touch. Are these topiary balls artificial? You bet. No watering, no pruning, and animals aren't attracted to them. You'll get immediate impact to the area you place them in, the spheres are quite large in size, even from a distance. Imagine the feeling you'll get pulling up to your home with a noticeable touch of added green. We guarantee you'll LOVE (not like) your topiaries.

We recommend our 23" XL size for planters with an opening of 12 inches or more.
We recommend our 16" L size for small scale planters with an opening of 11 " or less, or long rectangular planters.

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Complimentary 10 inch sphere with qualifying purchase.

New Products

Several different foliage types to choose from in our signature - extra large size.
Cedar or Cypress
Better Than a Boxwood
Purple lavender
White Lavender
Burning Bush

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